Life+Work Balance

  • start a blog
  • stop being critical,  only encourage or celebrate
  • stop sending mass emails
  • get a notebook and marker
  • put work in its place
  • back off and be kind to yourself
  • don’t add expectations that others don’t ask for and/or are not aware of
  • forcing functions are a last resort
  • help if others ask for it, allow others to be, act, struggle, fail or succeed
  • to get things off your mind, add everything to the ToDo list and prioritize daily, weekly, monthly
  • meditate
  • recognize when you are getting burned out and take a break
  • listen to more music
  • something is usually better than nothing
  • stay off Facebook, tis evil
  • read more physical books

Ten the Hard Way

10 things I’ve learned (the hard way) as a working professional…

  1. Always be professional.
  2. Keep your ego in check.
  3. Everything takes time.
  4. Be patient, flexible and don’t overreact.
  5. Treat everyone, no matter their level, with respect.
  6. Give without ambition or desire for recognition.
  7. Be intelligently paranoid.
  8. Letting go doesn’t mean you don’t care.
  9. Strive for what is good overall and adequate, not perfection.
  10. It’s about moving forward, so realize that everything you do will fade and become obsolete.