Performance Piece 20181025-01: Beware the Core Walker

Art, Science Fiction

Ink pens, markers, pencil, crayon, and red flash light on PostIt note.

Wise is the person who fears the Core Walker, which wanders to and fro over the core program and may cause manual dumps and memory leaks.

Object of Art and Contemplation No. 20180920-01

Art, Performance Art

“The Four Ancient Elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air” – sand from the Atlantic Ocean (Florida), distilled water, floating candle, glass bowl, air from North Georgia. To be lit with standard flame or Bethlehem Peace Light infused candle.

2017 Speaking Schedule

Accessibility, Design & UX, Front-End Technology, Presentation, Speaking

Sept 14-16 – Big Design Conference in Addison, TX – Designing for Exponential Change, A Conceptual Framework and Method Cards for Design Futurism

Sept 20-22 – Connect.Tech in Atlanta, GA – – Web Accessibility: Making Websites Usable for Everyone

Performance Piece No. 20170331-01: Wormwood Approacheth

Art, Painting, Thinking

Ride of the Four Horsemen (Conquest, War, Plague, Death. Who will pray for Babylon?).

Ink on PostIt note, misc. photographic images, assembled and colored in PhotoShop.

Web Accessibility Presentation 20170224

Accessibility, Design & UX, Front-End Technology, Presentation

Will Jayroe speaking at DevNexus 2017

I presented Web Accessibility: Making Websites Usable for Everyone at DevNexus 2017!

Web Accessibility is for everyone – it means making Websites flexible enough to meet a broad range of preferences, needs and situations. This includes not only individuals with visual, auditory or physical disabilities but anyone with limited Internet connectivity, temporary disabilities (e.g. a broken arm), or changing abilities due to aging.

What if Aristotle…


Wow… Aristotle really did a number on us (i.e. the collective Judaeo-Christian-Islamic history of thought). I wonder what the past 2,300 years would’ve been like if he had gotten on Alexander’s ish list.
Reading: Eugene Thacker’s “Starry Speculative Corpse: The Horror of Philosophy Vol. 2”