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2017 Speaking Schedule

Sept 14-16 – Big Design Conference in Addison, TX – Designing for Exponential Change, A Conceptual Framework and Method Cards for Design Futurism

Sept 20-22 – Connect.Tech in Atlanta, GA – – Web Accessibility: Making Websites Usable for Everyone

Web Accessibility Presentation 20170224

Will Jayroe speaking at DevNexus 2017I presented Web Accessibility: Making Websites Usable for Everyone at DevNexus 2017!

Web Accessibility is for everyone – it means making Websites flexible enough to meet a broad range of preferences, needs and situations. This includes not only individuals with visual, auditory or physical disabilities but anyone with limited Internet connectivity, temporary disabilities (e.g. a broken arm), or changing abilities due to aging.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

The slides are here: